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4 Major Challenges Faced by the Education Field Today

Education is about preparing the next generation of well-balanced individuals who are keen to experiment and experience. It has to provide the basic fodder required to churn out future leaders. But, by far, it is failing in its motives. This is because of the challenges that the education field faces.

Some of these challenges are:

Size of Classroom: Most of the schools have a large class size with just one teacher. The ideal class size is considered to be between 15 and 20 according to a research as this is when the teacher can give full attention to each student. Up to a class size of 30 also, a teacher can somewhat manage but anything above that, it is impossible to effectively teach or cater to the learning needs of the students.

Resistance to Change: Kids today are most tech savvy and making them learn by the conventional methods is difficult. For instance, if they want to know the meaning of any word, they are more likely to check it online rather than opening a physical dictionary for the same. The teachers, on the other hand, find it difficult to deal with new technology. This creates a rift between the two and both blame the other. To keep students interested in learning, it’s important to bring technology into the classroom and the teachers and the parents need to be receptive towards it.

Budget Constraints: Education budgets are often a big constraint in government-aided schools and colleges. They don’t have enough means to get technological tools and techniques to move to modern teaching methods. In some of the primary schools, the teachers employed are also subpar as these school budgets don’t allow them to pay for quality teachers. Not getting the right resources in the formative years often kills the interest of the students in the studies forever.

Family Environment: The family environment plays a crucial role in the lives of the students. What is going on at home largely impacts the student’s propensity to learn. Those coming from families with separated parents, both parents working round the clock, seeing domestic violence, poor families etc. become challenging for teachers to handle. Unless there is a proper coordination between the parents and the teachers, with parents willing to partner with the school, tackling students become difficult.

There are many challenges faced by the education field and these are some of the basic ones that need to be addressed urgently.

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